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I'm Tim. I do raps because it is fun.

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Track Name: Bulbous Disturbance (Produced by $D$)
its the lyrical emcee
you got that spherical envy
no merit with a spirit so empty
dont even tempt me rappin in my free time

tell these muthafuckas that they average in a mean line
you punks pussies- feline

im bout to take all your likes, and fuck up your fanbase
you think im grumpy take a look at my dads face

still in buffalo, still in west sen
only got dawgs, dont got no best friend

on the corner beggin for change
it was promised by obama but its all the same isnt it strange?

im thinkin i should call it quits
but some say im funky like a ball of tits

and old greg got the baileys in a shoe
old scaly manfish be a daily sinner dude.

still fuckin with the maryjane
youz like some old people food very plain

you bitches mad somethin like a scary dame
cuz the furs about to fly somethin like a hairy plane

and im harry potter with the wand
slap you if i have to like connerys bond
now the third is gone he told me word is bond
got that healin just in time tryin to move the hurt along
Track Name: Dead Bodies (Produced by Necro)
ok fuck you and your internet pages
while they killin innocents for days
its a craze you should be reelin with rage
but you so entertained theres nothing to gain

who can complain? me

you see, revoulutionary energys gonna take more than me to susperceed my enemies
strange like emily so coincidentalyy we fucked up mentally feelin so heavenly.

get off your high horse of course theres a course of remorse. so you mourn but in scores and droves and boat loads they dyin and only for white whores you cryin i see that smh im sighin

lion to the zion caustic causes i lost it fauucets when they blew up boston like koston, you skatin on to something else sayin your relatin and your prayin itl help. go display a little wealth. This ogre gives you welts and leave you sunny side up the psy op it helps. you self righteous bitch put your shit on the shelf, and lose ya self or you can fucking eat it like brucia, welp

never tempted by calholicism thank jesus chrisht for gangbanging and gettin dollas risen. they got no time to listen carryout silent missions. this the new clear blast like some violent fission. hate to cut off you dicks vile circumsicion
but im bout to be vindicated like my boys excision & dat sik dats rich dats crack spittin. you wack villans might as well go back to crack sellin

Dead bodies. Dead bodies everywhere. You know they're there, but you just don't care. Over 150,000 people die every day. Where's their memorial page you fuckin idiots. This shit is hideous. When Joe Kony was was around most of you would boast how you were pretty pissed. Heres a little tip. Hes still killin kids. hope you armchair activists are feelin this.

Im fuckin sick of you bitches so now im frickin the switch its
wicca sicka than frickin wiccan kid with ricketts
heres a sign like picketts you bout to be upon the defense
weak gents freak about the pretense the lying here is immense

it dont take mensa or a mathlete to see the to see the propaganda got jesus in the backseat
and thats sweet but you really aint doin shit
seperation of the church and the state, But the aim on who you worship for a person to hate,
its the first in debate. is a muslim or a christian, then whats his mission. the point your missin.

Its all hippocrytical they swore hippocratical its why im so critical the hatred is fanatical, the murder so sporatical
killin us like animals cant take this man, so the ace is up my sleeve while i fake this hand.
Oh yeah, Giovanna P, youre a fucking peice of garbage, like 3 OH 3 Take these notes please. cuz i bet you you whish you had a wish like BoB. smarten the fuck up
Track Name: PK2 Ft. Sawsey Dawg (Produced by $D$)
just in time this time around
my sound and words profound downtown
walk into an alley like whatup i got a big rock
wanna live long and prosper shoutout to big spock

im thinkin its stinkin its fake and its takin alota my tolls
im maybe mistaken in makin the bacon and takin your souls
im finally breakin never shakin thats dull
these dicks think they hard cross bones ill add your skull

i try to focus on the transcendental,
while their choppers make hits, what a sad instrumental.
i grab the pencil and stab you in the fuckin neck
no id cant cash my fuckin checks

nfgy no fucks given yet.
mf hes fly. Joe just spittin yes
im like peace guys, this old stuffs gettin spent
call that cease fire this doldrum isnt best.

winds of change in the city tonight
not obamas change a real one alright?
cant expect to win if you never fight.
whos in the darkness whos in the light?

whos got that hard shit? whos just aiight?
who really fuckin cares were all gonna die

you whos in whoville. you with all your pride
look up to the sky the lands built on lies.

without the government could you survive?
without any help what would you call life?
without any books i know that jesus christ
were numbers in the system and were dead inside.

why you think we take drugs to get real high?
look at you makin songs about pikachu
hoping maybe someone bigll take a peek at you
take one look and you could see that we hate you

celebratin 4/20 but we dont hate jews.
Breakin Bad ass backwards bakin and brews
shakin my tool straight displayin the fools
got that jameson whiskey and that PK too