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by Robo Joe

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    releases June 6, 2017

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Robo Mojo ft. Phoenix Christ
No Contest ft. L.Y.R. and Shadow The Truth



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releases June 6, 2017



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Robo Joe Buffalo, New York

I'm Tim. I do raps because it is fun.

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Track Name: Fuckin' Stoopid
Um, hey. Sup do you wanna be my friend
not really oh
well do you wanna fight or somethin then?
boy ill knock your fuckin ass silly oh

opposite of a winner

in jail i ate hungry man dinners

didnt have much of an apetite

over who got what them guys would have a fight

guards rushin in if punks wasnt actin right

froze my ass off for half the night

all day we watched espn that and dog whisperer with caeser milan

isnt that fuckin stupid

like people thought i was doubtin i could ever do this

you could spend your whole life poutin never music

you make me sad grab pad and put the letters to it

they said im fake in makin the bacon like kevin, i swear i sent him there twice

i think im never mistaken like vice i cant see you like im three blind mice
and youre john cena in camo in the forest after sundown

ill never let my son down

my hypothetical son. a theoretical one. the one i have after it stops being so hectic and fucked

speaking of fucked, go get.

deplorable metaphorical oracle shit oral spit, your GF

Ill fuckin kill your track and buy all your mothers kleenex

what if pay you, ill fuckin pay you. i dont know anybody around here
ill buy a drink man itl be good, just dont hit me.
i swear im a good guy, just gimme a chance!
im gonna beat your ass

clocks fallin off the wall

while im cock ballin in the stall

look at me dad im shot callin after all

feel my presence not mallin in the fall

i wanna bella donna at benihana then sauna the marijuana the bomb and im very calm in la palma

sippin arnold palmer hardest difficulty on medal of honor

Galactic-tac get back you need a breath mint

i smell you cant finish my sentence

hey man havent seen you in a whi OH MY GOD

you need bod god and a firewheel rod

cast firaga on that ass blow you up like missle job

yeah this is odd how i maintain sanity

pengame ace with the face of a manitee

Track Name: Angels (Demo)
didnt know it at first but you were number one
what have i learned what have i become
im so dumb scum cumbersome comfortably numb on the ground till im under some

seen you walk in the place. walkin with grace. tried to hide the stalk in my face.
caught in a race, thoughts erased gods are based talk of havin daughters with names

The flames ignighted an inside i got excited i finally had another half to confide in
we could spend the night in, till its bright in i ride in like a knight in shining armor
any dude look at you ima fightem for your honor, Bitch i might be delighted to be the father
Got you i dont need to look no farther give me that inner peace like sidhartha

Angels need no wings
were attached need no strings
this would be a song, if i could sing,
Who needs halos Ill get you a ring

soon as you flew back i knew that we couldnt be apart for long how could i do that
so then i flew back almost threw up the same day that i grew up. but shell live on through us
we can make it baby through trust about the rest I couldnt give two fucks. Inseparable as bootcamps and crew cuts.
Im an adict baby i dont even need to do drugs I could get high off a few hugs so come here. Make me feel warm with
your loving embrace. lovin is something to those thats out there sufferin. so get to loverin, i done need another plan
you wont need another man. got you i dont need to look no farther. if you want her permanently, mark her.
Track Name: Vacation
my bro moved out to CO He goes
come and see me for the holidays
food and weed itl be all a daze
then well be chillin like chingy at the holiday

ina minute ill be on my way to denver
late november. great food feast round the ender
on a Wax bender neverender on the backend of forever

the weather was beautiful unlike my cuticles
gettin zooted full vacation away from my cubicle
tell me to push when all i do is pull ls
chillin with my main friends no wells

My brother blows glass so well
make sure your local headshop heads straight to hell
well the fellas ride out hella high on OGB
then the fuckin engine died like ODB

life is boring need to find better way
hitchin a ride the days green in a better place
vacations all i ever wanted, vacation throwin my life away
a vacation from all that i know see you another day

warnin lights made it stop and pause
scare tissue that i wish you saw
10 miles per hour thats all
didnt really want help from john don and paul
but we were fucked had to make them calls

because sleepin at subway really sucks balls

naw hes a jerk leavenworth kansas
officer no sir sober couldnt stand it
3 days in KC evaluating options
every one we tried sprung another fuckin problem
needles to to day, a dead expidition
close to the edge, grand master wishisn iwas home
instead of goin crazy in the midwest
insane in my membrane cypress
wanna get up get out and get high oh yes
being trapped here is the beginning of my slow death

nice guys finish last moral of that one
wanna get on the road roll an adorable fat one

life is boring need to find better way
hitchin a ride the days green in a better place
vacations all i ever wanted, vacation throwin my life away
a vacation from all that i know see you another day